Luno Clone Script – Launch an Outstanding Cryptocurrency Exchange Similar to Luno


The digital world is marching towards bitcoins and altcoins. As we know, traders usually give importance to security and a variety of trading options as their major preference. Therefore, traders choose a centralized exchange for trading virtual crypto coins. Centralized cryptocurrency exchange platforms are online trading platforms where the users can buy, sell, or exchange all prominent cryptocurrencies without any trouble. Though some crypto experts argue centralized exchange is a misleading factor. But the truth is the centralized cryptocurrency exchange platforms have a high trading volume and low trading fees which must be taken into account. Therefore, many traders/investors move towards this type of exchange which results in a massive upsurge in user traffic. The huge user traffic, popularity, and revenue generated in the exchange made several startups kickstart a cryptocurrency exchange business.    

In this current time, crypto exchange is being the perfect revenue-generating business model in the industry. A startup/entrepreneur can earn an ample amount of profits with a low effort by launching a crypto exchange. Currently, there are many centralized crypto exchange platforms out there for traders and investors. Such as binance, huobi, coinbase, Luno, and more. Among them, the Luno exchange is getting the attention of many crypto startups and global crypto users. 

What is Luno?

Luno is the well-known centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform in the crypto market with millions of active crypto users. This exchange was first launched in 2013 by Marcus Swanepoel, Timothy Stranex, Carel van Wyk, Francois Paul, and it is headquartered in London. Here users can buy, sell, and exchange bitcoins and other major altcoins in a trouble-free manner. Besides, the users can perform both the fiat-to-crypto trade and crypto-to-crypto trade. Luno supports more than 100+ crypto trading pairs for its global users. Also, offers the best trading experience which made them reach greater heights in the crypto space.

Luno earned the best name by providing advanced trading options and customer support to its users. So far more than $21 billion transactions have happened on this platform because they have a sophisticated bitcoin security system and are never hacked by anyone till now. We know that smartphones are being used by everyone across the world. Thus, Luno launched its own crypto trading mobile application for both Android and IOS platforms. 

Now, let us see…

Key Features of Luno Exchange

  1. Luno supports all major fiat currencies such as the USD, Euro, Pound Sterling, and the South African Rand.
  2. Luno cryptocurrency wallet is made up of a powerful software program that stores private and public keys with secure blockchain technology.
  3. Luno exchange has an advanced brokerage system that connects sellers with buyers and connects them for a sale.
  4. Luno API provides a high trading volume in the crypto marketplace.
  5. One can download any mobile app from Luno Store to find crypto-based trading apps and services that have been recently launched in the crypto space.

These amazing features of Luno made them one of the best exchanges in the crypto sector. On the other hand, Luno is considered one of the excellent money-generating exchange business models in the crypto marketplace. This exchange so far generated huge profits in many possible ways such as trading fees, deposit fees, withdrawal fees, and more. This attracted many startups and entrepreneurs to create a crypto exchange platform like Luno by using the customizable Luno clone script. 

What is Luno Clone Script?

The clone script and software concept is becoming a trending one among startups and entrepreneurs. Nowadays many startups and business class people are using the crypto exchange clone script for kickstarting their crypto exchange business. Because it has many potential beneficial factors and is an easy way to enter into the crypto world. When it comes to the cryptocurrency exchange clone scripts, Luno clone software is one of the popular centralized crypto exchange clone scripts in the market. 

Luno clone script is the pre-fabricated cryptocurrency exchange clone software that holds all the current features and plug-ins of luno exchange. This Luno clone script is completely designed, developed, analyzed, multi-tested, verified, and ready for deployment. By using this Luno clone script/software, you can launch a stunning centralized crypto exchange that looks 100% similar to Luno within a few days at an affordable cost. 

Coinsclone offers premium luno clone software with all the updated trading features and security systems of Luno. We provide an error-free white label luno clone script along with an eye-catching user interface and ideal dashboard. Our Luno clone script is fully protected with high-level security features and is highly customizable. Coinsclone’s ultra-modern luno clone script is very flexible for customization and you can add your desired features, themes, visuals, logo, etc as per your business necessities.  

How Does a Luno Clone Script Work?

The premium Luno clone script works the same as the Luno exchange because it has all the functionalities of Luno. Now, let us see the working process of the Luno clone script.

  1. Firstly, the user has to register the account by using the mail id. Then, the activation link would be sent to the user’s registered Gmail. 
  2. Your user needs to click on the activation link and enter a captcha for completing the registration process. 
  3. After the registration process,  your user signs in to the account by entering the credentials.
  4. Then, the user needs to provide some government-authorized documents like a driving license, etc for KYC verification. 
  5. After the KYC verification, the user needs to deposit some amount of money in the account. For depositing the money, your user must link the bank account or credit/debit card. This will help the user to trade cryptos easily based on market price.
  6. Like Luno exchange, your user can pick their desired type of trading from the different crypto trading pairs. Apart from this, the user can choose any fiat currency and place the order as per the market price.
  7. Once the crypto trade is fully executed, the crypto coins will be automatically delivered to the user’s cryptocurrency wallet quickly.
  8. For every successful transaction, you can collect a certain amount of crypto or fiat currency as a commission fee. By doing this, you can generate high profits by launching a crypto exchange like Luno by using the Luno clone script.

This is how the Luno clone script works in real-time.

Business Advantages of using Luno Clone Software

  1. Your platform users can perform fast, safe, and secure crypto transaction 
  2. For every cryptocurrency trade, withdrawal, and deposit you can set a commission fee for your platform users.
  3. Faster deployment
  4. Cost-effective 
  5. Multi-crypto wallet support and comes with a live order book system
  6. Luno clone script/software is completely developed with the latest technology.
  7. You can get a user-friendly crypto trading dashboard for users.
  8. It contains multiple payment options.
  9. Safe and reliable services.
  10. The Luno clone script is tested and crafted with tightened security systems. This will protect your crypto exchange from cyber-attacks and fraudulent activities.
  11. It includes highly customizable options so you can add extra features, customize themes, etc based on your business needs.

Now, let us see… 

Desirable Features of Our Luno Clone Script

While creating a centralized crypto exchange like Luno, features play an essential role. The trading features will help you to grab many active crypto users and help to reach the first position in the crypto space. Here we list some of the excellent trading features that we enable in our superfine luno clone script/software.

  1. Limit order, Market order, and Stop order
  2. Order book system
  3. Margin trading
  4. Multi-Cryptocurrency wallet integration
  5. Instant buy/sell
  6. IEO module
  7. Liquidity API
  8. Referral program
  9. Spot trading
  10. Admin dashboard and user dashboard
  11. Multi-lingual support
  12. Crypto Payment gateway integration
  13. Site API
  14. Trade engine
  15. Automatic KYC/AML verifications

You can get all these outstanding features in our exemplary Luno clone script. Besides, you can also add or remove your desired features in the Luno clone software according to your business needs. 

High-level Security Features of our Luno Clone Script

Coinsclone always has a major concern about the security mechanisms of the luno clone script/software. Our Luno clone software is equipped with updated security systems and designed with the latest technology stacks. Here is the list of tightened security systems that we integrate into our ultra-modern luno clone software.

  1. Two-factor Authentication.
  2. E-Mail or SMS based verification method
  3. HTTPs authentication
  4. Jail login
  5. Data encryption
  6. SSL Encryption
  7. Anti-DDoS (Anti-Distributed Denial of Service).
  8. Cross-Site forgery protection (CSRF)
  9. Server-Side Request Forgery(SSRF) protection
  10. Multi-Sig Wallet consolidation.
  11. Faster KYC/AML authentication. 

Coinsclone enables all these top-level security systems in the luno clone script/software. Apart from these mentioned features, you can also add extra security modules as per your business requirements. By adding extra trading features, your users can get the finest crypto trading experience and also help in gaining a huge user base.

Luno Clone App Development

The Luno clone app is a replica of the Luno mobile crypto trading app. The luno clone app holds all the existing trading features of the Luno trading app. By using the Luno clone app development service, you can create and deploy feature-rich crypto trading mobile applications like the luno mobile trading app. Coinsclone provides a top-notch luno clone app development service with cutting-edge features and safeguard systems.

Coinsclone’s outstanding Luno clone app helps the user to make crypto trading easy and safe. Our Luno clone app is compatible with both Android and iOS mobile platforms like the luno app. Apart from this, our Luno Clone App is mainly designed and developed for smartphone users who often buy, sell, and exchange various digital currencies. Our luno clone app supports all the prominent crypto assets like bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, etc, and has the user-friendly live order book feature. 

By using our luno clone app development service, you can launch a top-notch crypto trading mobile app like luno for both Android and IOS platforms based on your business needs and customization. 

Extraordinary Features of our Luno Clone App Development

Here is the list of excellent features that come in our premium luno clone app development service.

User panel

  1. Home page
  2. User sign-in/Sign-up
  3. Security settings
  4. My profile
  5. User Dashboard
  6. Wallet Deposit/Withdraw functionality
  7. Bank wire Deposit/Withdraw
  8. Margin trading with 2x,5x leverage
  9. Trade history
  10. Deposit & withdraw history
  11. IEO launchpad
  12. Support ticket

Admin panel

  1. Sign-in
  2. Dashboard
  3. View user Deposit/withdrawal history
  4. View overall trade history
  5. View user wise trade history
  6. KYC management
  7. Admin profit management
  8. View/Accept user withdrawals
  9. Leverage commission
  10. IEO management
  11. Support system
  12. Admin bank details
  13. Messaging system for Admin-User interaction
  14. Content management system

You can get all these latest features in our Luno clone app development.

Why Should You Get Luno Clone Script from Coinsclone?

When people search for a professional and best cryptocurrency exchange clone software provider, they naturally end up with Coinsclone. Being a leading exchange script provider, we excel in offering all types of crypto exchange clone solutions with top-notch outcomes. We excel in providing bug-free and customizable Luno clone script/software with elite features at a reasonable cost. Along with the clone script, we also help you to launch a stunning Luno clone mobile app with cutting-edge trading features that will be compatible on both Android and IOS platforms. If you are a crypto startup or an entrepreneur who wants to create a fully functional cryptocurrency exchange like Luno at a budget-friendly price, then choosing coinsclone will be the right solution for your crypto exchange business.

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